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Create a design that's uniquely yours with these diamond monogram large notepads. These make a lovely bridal shower gift, graduation present, or are perfect as a surprise for yourself!

4-1/4" wide x 5-1/2" tall; 50 sheets per notepad

When ordering, please enter your selection for the font color from the drop down menu. Then enter the monogram in the order it will be printed, as well as the personalization that will be added to the bottom of the notepad. Please read below for instructions on monogram guidelines.

Please allow 24 hours for your proof to be sent as a text or email with the number or email you provide at checkout; Construction of the notepads is about 1-2 business days

For a Married Couple (or soon to be):
The monogram will contain the bride's first initial, the surname of the couple, and the groom's first initial, in that order. For instance Rebecca and Andrew White would be: rWa

Monogramming a Gift for a Woman:
A monogrammed gift for a woman should include her first, middle and last initial or if she is married, her first, maiden name, and married name initials. Traditionally, a woman's monogram is presented in first, last, middle initial order. So for Jessica Cailin Parker her monogram could be as follows: jPc
Tradition dictates that a woman's maiden initials are always appropriate to use, even after she is married. However, it is more common to use a woman's first, maiden, and married surname initials once she is wed. For instance, if Jessica married Anthony Dalton, her new monogram would be: jDp

Monogramming a Gift for a Man:
When monogramming something for a man, many people prefer to use the initials in the first, middle and last order and keep them all the same size. This letter format is often found on personal items such as briefcases, luggage, shirt pockets and cuffs. For these kind of items, Benjamin William Rogers would be: BWR

It is also correct to put a gentleman's surname initial in the middle. For Benjamin that would be: bRw

Monogramming Gifts for Children:
The same monogramming rules apply for children as for adults. Gifts for small children, both boys and girls traditionally follow the first, last, and middle initial order. For example, both Sarah Amelie Whitlow and Stephen Andrew Whitlow's monogram would be as follows: sWa

As Stephen Andrew Whitlow grows older, it will become more appropriate to move to the first, middle, last initial order for his monogram: SAW

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